Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows evaluation of the uterine cavity. This is important because abnormalities of the uterine cavity may prevent fertility and can even interfere with pregnancy.

Reasons for Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy allows doctors to directly view the cervical canal and internal uterine structure, potentially revealing defects that could lead to fertility problems including congenital abnormalities, polyps, scar tissue, tumors, or fibroids. Diagnostic hysteroscopy is

1. The results of a Hysterosalpingogram or Sonohysterogram show a uterine abnormality

2. Women have repeated miscarriages

3. A routine ultrasound shows evidence of a polyp or fibroid 

Hysteroscopy Procedure

In preparation for hysteroscopy, the doctor may administer local or general anesthesia. To begin the hysteroscopy procedure the doctor will open the vagina with a speculum and cleanse the vaginal and cervix with a special antibacterial solution. The doctor will then insert a flexible hysteroscope through the cervical canal and distend the area with carbon dioxide gas or sterile saline to allow for better visualization of the uterine cavity.

After hysteroscopy, patients can expect minor discomfort and possible spotting, and will be able to resume normal activity within a few days. Patients should avoid sexual intercourse for at least one day after hysteroscopy.

Hysteroscopy and Fertility

Fertility-related diagnoses that can be made with hysteroscopy include:

Submucosal myomas

Uterine polyps

Adenomyosis (endometrium glands growing into the muscle wall of the uterus)

Scarring of the uterine lining (Asherman’s Syndrome)

Presence of a uterine septum or bicornuate formation

Congenital abnormalities of the uterus


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Dr. Sam Najmabadi made our dream of becoming parents come true. This is an incredibly talented, attentive doctor and a professional in his field. I recommend everyone to work with Dr. Sam and you will certainly achieve results! Thank you doctor for everything!
Marrianne Rofail
Marrianne Rofail
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Najmabadi and the whole team. Not once did they ever make you feel like just a patient, I was always greeted by name every single time I walked into the office. I always felt like I was receiving undivided attention. One of the things I respect most is Dr. Naj has been nothing but honest with us from the beginning. Explained all of our options and the chances of getting pregnant with each procedure, was patient when he went over all costs, test and we never felt pressure to do anything without taking time to think everything through. From the minute we started our fertility journey with him, to being greeted by Cindy’s warm smile every appointment, to Selene setting up appointments for off-site procedures and answering our numerous emails, to Gina being so gentle when drawing my blood, to Diana texting me on her off day to remind me I needed to take my trigger shot, to the countless ultrasounds sounds Spencer graciously performed, all of these experiences have added to our special journey and made it the best one, and trust me we’ve seen a lot of midwives and doctors. Thank you ALL for everything and being so kind to us!
Laura Weaver
Laura Weaver
Highly, highly recommend Dr Naj. Very knowledgable without being overwhelming. His staff is so on top of every little detail. I also love that they are always on time--a rarity in medical practices. You really feel like they have everything taken care of and that you can operate with confidence.
Laura Bulatao
Laura Bulatao
The staff here are so friendly and informative. I work in healthcare and the most important thing is keeping the patient comfortable and informed, everyone goes above and beyond these expectations! So far I am pleased with my experience here.
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Marzieh Thompson
Grateful for you Dr. Najmabadi and staff for helping me be pregnant with twins.
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