Natural Incubation IVF

The INVOcell is the first FDA cleared Intravaginal Culture (IVC) device and is a small polystyrene capsule used for egg fertilization and embryo development using vaginal incubation. In this technique, the woman’s body is used as the natural incubator, laboratory incubators are only used to pre-warm media and disposable materials needed for the INVO Procedure. The primary advantage of the INVOcell is in utilizing the women’s vagina as the main source of incubation. Couples participating in this treatment feel more directly involved, and more in control of the destiny of the embryo. The INVO Procedure is a simpler technique where the patient undergoes natural or mild ovarian stimulation. Once the eggs are retrieved and the sperm are collected and prepared, they are immediately placed inside the INVOcell device with culture media and then inserted into the woman’s vaginal cavity where they will be incubated using the patient’s body as a natural incubator. After several days, the INVOcell device is removed, the embryos are observed, selected and immediately transferred back to her body for further development and implantation.

For many couples struggling with infertility, access to treatment is often not available. Financial challenges, limited availability of specialized medical care, religious, social and cultural roadblocks can prevent these hopeful couples from realizing their dream to have a baby. There are many benefits to Natural Incubation IVF Here are just a few:

  • Simpler procedure, when used in conjunctions with natural or mild stimulation, reduces the cost per cycle by approximately one half compared to traditional IVF.
  • Promotes greater involvement by couples in the treatment and conception.
  • Creates a more natural and environmentally stable incubation than traditional IVF incubation in a laboratory.
  • Reduces the worry of leaving embryos in an incubator where mix-ups have been known to occur.

With Natural Incubation IVF, more and more patients can now receive safe, effective and affordable infertility treatment. To learn if Natural Incubation IVF is a good solution for you give our offices a call to set up a consultation.


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